Land training is an important part, if not the most important part, of an overall swimming training programme. The key is to develop core body muscles and reaction times.

The Whitchurch Wasps Land Training sessions take place every Friday at 6.30pm at the Whitchurch Leisure Centre and our coordinated by our instructor Ian & Kathryn from Wrexham and Whitchurch Thai Boxing (so there’s no messing around!!!!). The sessions last for one hour.

The Land Training sessions consist of a brisk group warm up, followed by light stretches.

Following this there are seventeen two-minute exercise stations, with individuals working their way round the circuit in pairs. The exercises vary slightly each session, but will always work the major muscle groups as well as the heart and lungs. Exercises and equipment from Thai Boxing and Kickboxing classes are used to add variety and extra interest. The type of exercise at each station dictates whether individuals work for two minutes, change after one minute, or complete a given number of repetitions.

  • Legs – Legs work all the way through the circuit of exercise stations, as there is lot of aerobic activity such as jogging and star jumps. Specific leg exercises include squats, lunges and calf raises. Benches are used for step-ups, skipping up and over, and for jumping astride/onto the bench.
  • Heart & Lungs – As there is only a short rest in between stations, the whole session is quite aerobic. Some stations do not really tire the muscles, and can be used for recovery or to push the pace. This obviously depends on the individual levels of fitness. Skipping. Jogging, shuttling between cones, star jumps, toe taps, shadow boxing, kicking pads are all used for this.
  • Arms & Shoulder – Thee is quite a lot of emphasis on upper-body work. Punch bags, medicine balls and small weights are used for some exercises. Others are done using body weight to provide resistance. Exercises include press-ups, tricep dips, walk-ups on and off a bench, bunny hops, squat thrusts, punching combinations, and arm/shoulder work with small weights.
  • Stomach/Core – There are normally three specific stations in the circuit that target these muscles. Exercises will include sit-ups, crunches, leg raises, twists, side bends, oblique turns and the “plank” position. .

After a short break, the whole group come together to work on exercises targeting specific muscle groups – particularly the body core.