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Wasps Club Records

Club Records

The following Club records hopefully represent an accurate portrayal of the best times recorded by Club swimmers since the Club was founded back in 1984. They have been meticulously compiled by trawling through all the old records of Club Time Trials, County Qualifiers and Championships, Club Championships, Club & Open galas and the like. They have been compiled on an age attained on day of record setting basis.

However I apologise in advance for any omissions. If you know that whilst swimming for the Wasps you recorded a better time than the record currently identified – and can prove it – I will obviously be more than happy to amend the record.

So why are these records so important? For me they represent a significant goal for swimmers to aim for – see Goal Setting.

In the Club we provide many ladders to climb and targets to reach. Lane Qualification times, Club Championships, and Personal Bests at time trials – to name but a few. At first the challenge is to beat the other 4 swimmers in the competing lanes – to be the fastest swimmer out of the 5 in your race. Then you try to beat all the other swimmers in your age group – to become the fastest out of maybe 12. But these two achievements are only small stepping stones on the road to greater success. Like anything in life – you’ll realise, once reached, that these achievements on their own were relatively easy.

So what’s the next challenge? Try to beat all who have ever been in your age group in the Clubs history – to become the fastest swimmer from 700 or so – a much tougher goal – and one which will mark you down in the Club’s history.

Well for starters you will receive significant recognition – from the Club, your Coach, your Swimming Peers, and your Parents and Family. From this point on any swimmer successfully capturing an All Time Club Record or bettering their existing record will be featured as a news story on this website and a press release will be sent to the local media/press. So not only will you appear following a Google search of your name but you may wake up to find yourself in the local newspaper or being interviewed about your achievement on local radio.


So go for it!!

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24 Apr 2017, 12:32
Whitchurch Wasps,
8 Nov 2016, 00:21