The Club is very fortunate to have the experience and service of a number of qualified swimming teachers and coaches who all volunteer their time freely. Together they carry out stroke technique analysis and design programmes to develop skills, speed and stamina.

The Coaching Staff are aided by the latest video recording and analysis and are able to draw on specialist nutritional, coaching and motivational expertise and resources from around the world.

In addition to our Coaching Staff the Club relies very heavily on a number of parent helpers. Gala nights (usually Saturdays or Sundays) are especially busy with parents helping out as judges, timekeepers, starters, team managers, lane end helpers, and of course those who come along to lend their support by cheering the team on. We positively encourage as many parents as possible to get involved and lend support in anyway they can, to help us to achieve the vision and goals of the Club and it’s individual swimmers. If you are able and interested in helping out please complete the form below and return it to any of the coaches or committee members of email to

Andy Fox,
29 Mar 2015, 06:43