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Open Galas

An open-meet is one where swimmers compete as individuals rather than as part of a club team. 

We believe that competition is important for all swimmers irrespective of their ability and open meets afford all swimmers the opportunity to pit themselves against other swimmers of a similar standard.

Open-meets are licensed by the Amateur Swimming Association according to the standard and purpose of  competition as Level 1, 2, 3 or 4.

Level 1 is aimed at national qualifiers, or swimmers close to national qualification, looking for opportunities to achieve national qualifying times.  These meets will have qualifying times for entry which will be just below  national times.

Level 2 is aimed at district qualifiers and will have qualifying times and upper-limit times.

Level 3 is for club swimmers aiming to reach county qualifying times.

Level 4 such meets are for club swimmers below county qualifying times and those beginning competitions through initiatives such as Active Sports.

Whilst swimmers compete as individuals you will usually find a number of other Whitchurch Wasps members attending local open-meets together with a healthy gathering of Whitchurch based “pushy-pushy” parents providing the away support.

You will find below a link of an amateur swimming association leaflet entitled “Competition for All” which expands upon the theme of open-meets.  You will also find below a link to a calendar of all licensed open-meets throughout the U.K.

In addition you will from time to time find details of forthcoming local open-meets in the Upcoming Galas section of this web-site.