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Guide to Galas

Welcome to Whitchurch Wasps Swimming Clubs Guide to Galas page. We have some very experienced competitors at the Wasps and some that may just be starting out competing.

This is a guide for things that parents and swimmers may wish to consider before attending a gala.

Things to take to a gala:

  • An extra towel to sit on whilst on poolside 
  • A Wasps T Shirt (and shorts if wanted, possibly 2 if there for the day) 
  • A Wasps Swimming Hat
  • A pair of flip-flops or other poolside shoes
  • An extra pair of Goggles (you can guarantee they will break before your race) 
  • An extra swimming costume or trunks (if your races are far apart you don’t want to be sat in a wet costume/trunks all day) 
  • Plenty to drink 
  • Lots of snacks (please see the nutrition page for lots of advice on what to take) 
  • Something to occupy yourself on poolside e.g.: books, iPod, DS (but remember you are responsible for all of your stuff!!!) 
  • A fold up chair to take on Poolside
  • A big voice to shout the team on!!

Good Luck to all Wasp Swimmers competing in Galas.

For Parents/Guardians

  • Prepare your journey – make sure you know exactly where you are going..
  • Arrive at the event at least 15 mins before the warm up if you can, this will allow your child to be relaxed before the event and allow them to be prepared. This will also allow you to park at the event, as you can imagine events get very busy.
  • Take plenty of change for car parking – be prepared to pay up to £10.00 parking per day at some events.
  • Be prepared to pay anything up to £7.00 per day per adult entry fee at some events. You will also be asked to buy a programme and raffle tickets. It is recommended that you purchase a programme as you can follow the event and see when your child is competing. If there is a group of you this can be shared.
  • Take a packed lunch if you can, food at the Galas can be quite expensive and not very exciting.
  • Take some kind of entertainment such as a book, ipod etc.
  • Try to leave little ones at home with a relative if you can, especially if you are at the event all day or in some cases all weekend, there is a lot of waiting around and it can get boring.
  • It gets hot in the viewing areas of Galas so dress accordingly.