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County Championships

The County Championships are held each year over two weekends in February and are for many club swimmers the high-light of the year.

Whilst internal competition within the Club is always encouraged and galas present the chance for swimmers to represent the Club team – the County Championships provide the opportunity for swimmers to demonstrate their skills against the best in the county.  The road to eventual Olympic glory in essence starts at the counties.

Each year – some three month prior to the championships taking place – county time trials are held – organised by both the Shropshire Amateur Swimming Association and Whitchurch Wasps.  All club members are encouraged to participate in the County Championships and therefore attend the various county time trials that are arranged.

Even if you are not competing it is great to attend in order to soak up the atmosphere and gain confidence for the following year.

In order to compete in the County Championships swimmers need to record a qualification time which varies from year to year. The qualifying age for the Counties is usually the age on the last day of the Championships.  It is the age as of this date which determines age group.  Swimmers need to be at least 9 years old as at that date in order to compete in the County Championships.

This year they are being held at Wolverhampton Central Baths, Parents and friends are welcome and encouraged to come and cheer on the swimmers. Details of the venue can be found by clicking here.


Please be aware of when the events you have entered take place, and arrive in plenty of time for warm up of your particular session (am or pm). 

If for any reason you are unable to attend an event you have entered please inform the Team Manager - before the day if possible or at least 45 minutes before warm up – failure to withdraw any unavailable swimmer before the event will result in a financial penalty for our club. 

There will be club representatives on poolside for all sessions but it is not sufficient to inform them of a withdrawal, this must be communicated to the Team Manager.

Swimmers new to the Counties

  • Arrive around 15 mins before your warm up
  • Swimmers don’t queue with spectators, go straight in and change
  • Bring Wasps T-bag, food and extra towel etc as there is some waiting around
  • Spectators pay an entry fee for each session (am and pm) of a few £’s
  • See the Guide to Galas for more information

Thank you and good luck to all!!